Our services

We offer a wide range of healthcare market research services
across the UK, Europe and Worldwide

our services

We conduct market research on a wide range of healthcare issues including the following:

  • Market structure and prescribing opportunity research: combining quantitative data with qualitative insights to identify opportunities  
  • Customer motivations research: applying motivational psychology to identify choice architecture and brand choice criteria
  • Communication research: using behavioural economics, NLP and the six IMPACT criteria of effective communication to engineer optimal advertising and sales materials
  • HCP/patient segmentation research: using multivariate analysis to identify how to tailor investment and communications to key segments   
  • Market access and pricing research: exploring drivers of local uptake, health economics and opportunities for discount / rebate schemes  
  • Tracking research: assessing market dynamics and drivers of brand uptake over time
  • Sales call follow-up research: using both qualitative and quantitative research techniques to add value to sales call follow up research 

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