A small selection of some of the clients we help everyday

I have worked with Synergy for a number of years. They have consistently delivered high quality research that is highly actionable. Their approach is friendly and they engage well with the Marketing Team. When I am busy they take on extra responsibilities to ensure the research runs smoothly and to time. I always receive positive feedback from the marketing team.
Business Intelligence Manager; Boehringer Ingelheim
Sue and her team are a joy to work with and always provide high quality, insightful research in a passionate and engaging way which means that commercial decisions can be made confident in the knowledge that they are based on great customer insight.
Director of Marketing; Menarini
You want fast turnaround, high quality insights? Contact Synergy! Whilst I would not recommend always cutting the timelines on a project, whenever they have been 'challenging' Jon has managed to deliver for me. More than that I can rely on Synergy to be collaborative and draw out insights, whilst being able to talk to leadership teams and adjust deliverables accordingly. I know I do not have to worry about methodologies, compliance to regulations, robust analytics.
Global Analysis & Insight - Oncology; AstraZeneca
Sue and her team are a joy to work with and always provide high quality, insightful research in a passionate and engaging way which means that commercial decisions can be made confident in the knowledge that they are based on great customer insight.
Market Intelligence Manager; AstraZeneca
Synergy always provide us with that extra degree of quality. They invariably take the time and effort to understand our business thoroughly which really helps them to design effective research - this is allied to a very high level of professionalism in their execution and delivery. The result is that the we are confident to put research we do with them at the core of our brand planning and decision making.
Head of Marketing; Genus Pharmaceuticals
Synergy have been fantastic in their flexibility, their support, their commitment to helping us do the best job possible and in their generosity in helping us learn from their expertise in research. Their desire to get stuck in and become part of a team on every project, big or small, is perhaps one of the most valuable parts of their offer for us, alongside their willingness and ability to help find a solution to even our most left-field questions. We can't thank them enough.
Hive Communications
We have worked with the Synergy Healthcare Research team for a number of years now on various research projects and have enjoyed Synergy blending into our marketing team effectively and understanding our needs fully. This enables us to pass the baton over completely and trust that the work will be carried out in a timely and cost effective manner, giving us insights into our market and customer's behaviour that has shaped, and at times redirected, our strategy. Their name really fits; they offer a truly synergistic way of working.
Marketing Director; Merz Aesthetics: UK & Ireland
I have had the pleasure of working with Synergy on several projects over the last 12 months in preparation for a new product launch. Their consultative approach led them to being regarded as a key partner to the product launch team, and very highly respected by all levels of seniority and disciplines within the organisation. Their understanding of our needs and the overarching brand strategy has meant they have delivered added value throughout a flexible and tailored market research programme; the outputs of which have been instrumental in developing the strategic direction for the brand, as well as promotional materials for field force, healthcare professional and payers.
We have enjoyed working with Synergy – they have been receptive and proactive in regards to changes to the project scope and timings, making it a real team approach. Our client is happy with the results and so are we!
Tonic Life Communications
I rate the researchers at Synergy and the work they do very highly. Synergy gives me additional confidence to any recommendations I make to the marketing teams I work with, as I know the insight I use to determine which strategic direction we take, is built on robust information from the market research. I feel like Synergy is part of the "team" and that they add so much more value than other market research agencies. I sincerely enjoy working with Synergy.
I have known Sue, Jon and the rest of their team for many years. I have worked with Synergy on a number of occasions when contracting for several different pharmaceutical companies. On every occasion the projects were insightful with actionable results and recommendations. They are not afraid to challenge clients' assumptions in a positive, constructive and proactive way. Likewise if it was "bad" news to deliver this was done sensitively yet assertively with solutions provided as appropriate.
I have always found the Synergy team to be highly professional, extremely efficient, and fun to work with. Client service and support has always been excellent and I would have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone who wants to provide quality business/marketing insights and intelligence to their internal clients.
KDM Worldwide
Jon Freeman, Sue Thamia and the Synergy Healthcare team are my first port-of-call for pricing/value-based research. Jon is a first-class market research professional with an immense depth of knowledge of price-sensitivity research techniques and methodologies. Likewise, Sue is an outstanding market researcher and communicator with vast experience and expertise in applying research to solve business challenges. Both Jon and Sue bring tremendous insight and a clear understanding of how their clients will use research findings to drive strategy and help shape business decisions – they always provide clear and actionable recommendations which have proved invaluable in guiding pricing strategy and the communication of value (value propositions) on a number of occasions.
Alongside their technical skills, Jon, Sue and other members of the Synergy Healthcare team are a pleasure to work with – it always feels as though we are all pulling together as one team. I cannot recommend Synergy highly enough and trust them to deliver every time.
Market Research, Customer Insight and Planning