Multinational Research

Obtaining a global perspective.

Multinational Research

We conduct both qualitative and quantitative research worldwide via our trusted network of local partner agencies, online research panels, and UK-based multilingual telephone units.

We regularly carry out research in France, Germany, Italy and Spain, as well as other European markets such as Scandinavia and Switzerland. We also have experience of conducting research further afield in countries such as USA, Canada, Mexico, Argentina, Australia, the Philippines and Japan.

We can generate both multi-country reports, or give country-specific feedback, depending on requirements. Our recent multinational experience includes:

  • Customer and patient segmentation
  • Pre-launch market understanding and treatment pathways research
  • Europe-wide materials testing, including specific tailored materials recommendations for each country
  • Message and communications testing, including fast turn-around online message testing
  • Packaging testing and information needs
  • Device testing
  • Sales force effectiveness research