Patient Research

Fascinating insights about the workings of healthcare systems from the point of view of the user themselves.

Patient Research

Experienced in handling the potentially sensitive discussions which patient research entails, we regularly conduct both qualitative and quantitative research with patients to provide insights into attitudes and behaviours.

We frequently work closely with patient organisations and charities when conducting research with patients.

We have experience in conducting patient research to explore many issues, including the following:

  • What does the patient journey look like?
  • What is the interaction between patients and health professionals?
  • What impact does the patient’s condition have on their quality of life?
  • What is the difference between patients and health professionals’ attitudes to the condition?
  • How can patients be segmented based on their attitudes and motivations?
  • How much would patients be willing to pay for an improved treatment?
  • What percentage of patients are satisfied/unsatisfied with existing treatments?
  • How can we improve patient compliance?
  • What information should be provided on a patient website?
  • What would prompt patients to seek improved treatments?