Quantitative Research

Robust numerical outputs for measuring, benchmarking and tracking.

Quantitative Research

Quantitative research uses structured questionnaires and large sample sizes to provide detailed numerical outputs. It is usually conducted online or via telephone.

Statistical testing can be conducted if required.

Quantitative research can be conducted alongside qualitative research to provide more detailed responses to specific areas of interest. It can also be used as a ‘stand-alone’ methodology, following a number of short qualitative pilot interviews to refine the questionnaire before use.

We have considerable experience in conducting quantitative research, including the following methodologies:

  • Pricing research: using a variety of approaches to identify the impact of price on volume prescribing
  • Detail Follow Up research: novel approaches to identify how best to improve communication
  • Market segmentation: using cluster analysis and CHAID to identify key customer segments
  • Patient diary studies: quantifying current and future prescribing behaviour
  • Awareness and usage tracking: cost effective online evaluation of prescribing and brand perceptions
  • Conjoint analysis: identifying key clinical prescribing drivers
  • Brand mapping: identifying key brand perceptions on the perceptual map