2014 is an important year here, with not one, not two, but four members of the team celebrating 10 years at Synergy this summer.

Aided by the lovely chefs at the Underground Cookery School, we spent an evening celebrating by preparing our own delicious 3-course meal, all helped along with a few glasses of prosecco and some tasty canapés.

To start, we made our own tagliatelle from scratch – kneading the dough and rolling and cutting it using the pasta machines. Some people liked the pasta machines so much they got a bit carried away with the rolling and ended up with tagliatelle about a metre long… It still tasted good when served with truffle oil though.

For our main course, we prepared and de-boned our own rumps of lamb (we still have all our fingers) before roasting and serving them in a red-wine sauce with potatoes and roast beetroot.

And finally, pudding… we may have had to pick a few bits of eggshell out of the mix following some interesting takes on splitting eggs, but once it had turned out, we had a delicious homemade chocolate torte and Chantilly cream.

Many congratulations to Betty-Ann, Lucy H, Kay and Ali H for 10 years service!







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