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Voting is now open for the 2016 BHBIA BOBI ‘Company of the Year’ awards…

…And Synergy is a finalist in the ‘Agency of the Year’ category!

Here’s the executive summary of our entry:

As one of the UK’s leading healthcare market research agencies we offer:

  • Customer insights: We identify both clinical and non-rational drivers of behaviour using leading edge approaches derived from models of motivational psychology to identify the true influences of prescribing, including the importance of HCP status and aspirations, to understanding the way clinical, organisational, financial and emotional factors interact to influence behaviour
  • Innovation and creativity: We use the latest thinking in behavioural economics to help us ask more intelligent questions that capture decisions that health professionals don’t think about
  • Business impact: We help our clients make well- informed and efficient decisions that help ensure effective commercial decision making including how best to communicate with their customers
  • Helping optimise patient care: We conduct research among patients to identify barriers to diagnosis, referral and effective treatment and have supported improvements in patient care in ophthalmology, MS, cardiovascular disease and diabetes
  • Flexibility to respond to our clients’ needs: We adapt research in the context of information gained at the time of recruitment, providing topline feedback to get accutane cheap clients, ensuring research feedback is delivered in a format that aids dissemination within the client’s organisation
  • Effective team working with communications and PR agencies: We work collaboratively with other agencies for the benefits of our clients in terms of research inputs, interpretation and developing outputs that can be used to support communication and PR activities.

And what the judges said:

Clear, strong and compelling examples of innovation, success and aspirations for the future of the agency were included at every turn in Synergy’s entry. They have combined science with ‘standard’ research techniques in very different, very effective ways. They consistently gave excellent and explicit examples of how their insights had a really positive impact – not just for their clients’ business, but critically, how those insights have led to strategic decisions which in turn had beneficial and direct effect on patients’ lives. Their entry was unique in this respect. Being a smaller company is obviously not an issue for Synergy, who are clearly doing an excellent job for all their clients and whose team are very proud of their successes.

More information can be found on the BHBIA website here.

Voting forms and instructions are here

Voting closes on 15th April, with results announced at the annual BHBIA conference in May.

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