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May 2017

BHBIA agency of the year award

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We are delighted to have been presented with the BHBIA agency of the year award at our annual conference based on our commitment to the design and delivery of outstanding research to help pharma companies meet the needs of health professionals and thus ensure patients receive the best possible treatment, information and support.

The judges felt our entry stood out for the way in which we gave specific (anonymised) examples of how our insights positively impacted their clients’ businesses, as well as explaining how they also met the needs of HCPs, patients and payers. They felt we demonstrated strength in client/agency team working, including wider client teams such as PR, and were impressed with our aspiration to demonstrate the value of market research.

For more details please see the BHBIA website here.

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May 2017

Katy wins the Best Newcomer award at the BHBIA

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We are thrilled to be able to announce that Katy has won the BHBIA BOBI award for Best Newcomer 2017!

Katy achieved the highest overall score in a very closely fought competition. She impressed the judges with her clear thinking, good grasp of the important issues and well structured-answers.

Katy was quite taken aback by her win…

I’m astonished to have been awarded the BHBIA Best Newcomer award for the most versatile and highly talented pharma / agency newcomer three years’ experience or less. It was a challenging day of varied tasks involved in research and marketing, which really made me think about Synergy’s role in the product journey and how the insights we provide are actually used by pharmaceutical companies. It was great to push myself to think differently, and to meet other people working in the same sector but with different roles.

The judges said that “Katy has an engaging and animated style of presenting. She has a good grasp of the business issues and developed relevant ideas to address them. Katy applied the depth of her knowledge and thinking by building on her initial ideas in a creative and relevant way that went beyond the brief. She demonstrated good interaction with the client teams throughout.”

Here she is with her award. Well done Katy!

The BHBIA Best Newcomer award was sponsored by Sanofi.

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May 2017

BHBIA Best Customer Insight Award Winning Entry

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We are very pleased to have won the BHBIA 2017 Best Customer Insight award for our submission ‘Changing the frame to optimise communication’: How research insights identified how to ensure the more compelling delivery of life-saving outcome data.’

Despite powerful outcome data for an innovative treatment for a life-limiting condition, many patients were not being referred or treated – resulting in poorer quality of life and earlier death for those patients eligible for treatment. By analysing the language used by doctors who were most convinced of the benefits of treatment, research identified a number of opportunities to more effectively communicate key messages – in particular to frame outcome benefits as improved survival rather than reduced mortality – since reference to mortality in this particular condition reinforced the inevitability of death – but referring to ‘improved survival’ for patients was far more compelling.

Judges reported that this research delivered “a neat combination of language and behavioural economic analysis (with) practical, tangible, and concise insights that provided clear direction to encourage the referral and treatment of suitable patients, with coherent and compelling communication.”

The BHBIA 2017 Best Customer Insight award was sponsored by medeConnect Healthcare Insight.

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